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We were really happy with this place. We originally went to the one in Orland but once that closed we started going to the one in Matteson. However, now I would not recommend it. The last two times we were there the fried chicken and fried fish was over cooked. We were there about an hour and they never brought out any more roast beef. I like chicken but a little beef would have been nice. The grill is available but they like to cook everything well done. I guess we will have to try Golden Coral again.
Dorothy Kush
The only reason I am giving one star is that the waitress was sweet the food was all cold when I informed the manager that I was unable to even eat it it was so bad she had the audacity to hand me a coupon for a dollar $0.50 off don't waste your money worst Chinese buffet ever
Ron tate
I had to come back and correct myself ,, I wouldn't go to the one in matteson.