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Marsha Lee
This establishment is not well maintained. I was there with a large group on a Thursday night and I arrived after the others had started their meals. The grill area was dirty. The tables were dirty. I thought it was because I arrived later, but I found out from another that it was dirty when they arrived too. I made an excuse for them and I should not have because there is no reason why they did not clean up as the guests ate. Also, I was not please with the taste of the foods.
Sharon Ako
Believers: Training March 14 & 16, 2017 1-Day Sanitation Manager's Class Near You! Time & Date: 4pm - 10pm 1st day, 4pm - 10pm 2nd day. Exam given on the 2nd day. Cost: $195. Call Iris Kimbrough at Prairie State College for More Details - 708-709-7839 Location: Prairie State College, 4821 Southwick Dr., Matteson, IL 60443 Please call Prairie State College for Registration requirements and deadlines.
Jakeya Williams
I wanted to know if you guys were hiring?